Heritage Murals Project

Mural Program

The Cannon Falls Heritage Mural program aims to raise awareness of local history through public mural art. The paintings are interpretations of photos held in the Cannon Falls Area Historical Society collections.

The Old Stone Mill was built in 1856 on the Little Cannon River. It was an iconic building, and represented the vision of William and Richard Freeborn, who discovered the "Little Falls" in 1853 and aimed to plot a town the would grow into a prosperous milling center in Minnesota. The building was dismantled by the Works Progress Administration. The Stone Mill was one of 4 flour mills in the area and contributed to Goodhue County's late-ninetheenth century reputation as one of the largest flour exporters in the nation.

Both the Harvest Mural and Limekiln Motorcycle Mural were painted from panoramic photos 100 years old. Each has its story and a history lesson that engages the community and visitors to share our heritage.

mural capstone 2013