History Minutes

"History Minutes" of the Cannon Falls Area Historical Museum
Produced by Mike Gesme and Cannon Falls Community Television.
Episode One: Intro to the Cannon Falls Area Historical Society and its Museum
Episode Three: Hillman/Poe Geneology & First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1951
Episode Five: Marian Case Fridell's Dress
Episode Seven: Captain Duncan's Civil War Bone Whistle
Episode Nine: High School Memories
Episode Eleven: Mouse Trap
Episode Thirteen: The Ging Murder
Episode Fifteen: Falls House & Guestbook
Episode Seventeen: Slurps
Episode Nineteen: Sanitorium
Episode Twenty-one: Fire Bell
Episode Twenty-three: Fourth of July Santa
Episode Twenty-five: 1892 Ice Cream Social
Episode Two: The Scofield Brothers Drug Store: Safe Keeping and a Vanity Box

Episode Four: S.S. Lewis and Eumeemie: A Legend of Cannon Falls

Episode Six: Hartery Family Bible

Episode Eight: Episcopal Church Time Capsule

Episode Ten: Marching Band Hat with Lamp

Episode Twelve: Mill Town

Episode Fourteen: Bancroft/Carpenter Presidential Land Grant

Episode Sixteen: The Great Brindamour Magician

Episode Eighteen: Pistol, German Bayonet, and War Heirlooms

Episode Twenty: Cannon Valley Planters Association

Episode Twenty-two: The Fair

Episode Twenty-four: Colvill Monument and President Coolidge Visit
More History Minutes Coming Soon.